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Anna Poliakova
I was born in the small town of Velikie Luki, Russia. In my family, all women were associated with creativity. My grandmother taught painting at school, my mother drew, my sister graduated from art school. I also liked to draw in childhood, but did not attach any importance to this.
In 20 years, I lost people close to me. A great financial burden fell on my shoulders and I was forced to earn money.

At 27 I decided to sell my business and start to paint.
My first painting was bought a week later, as I took the paint in hand.
The second picture was bought by a collector from the USA 10 times more expensive than the first. Now the paintings are sold successfully around the world.

I don't have art education. I developed my own artistic style, inspired by the works of famous artists and learning from people I like.

I like the combination of irony and sexuality in the pictures. I like to make various inscriptions in paintings, quotes, to encrypt symbols and signs.
I paint quickly, expressively. That's why in my artworks you can often find splashes of paint, expressive brushwork, brave lines and strikethroughs.

Ideas for pictures I notice from life. Someone will say some phrase, I'm starting to turn it into a picture in my head. Sometimes I bring my thoughts to the point of absurdity.

I have a special love for my series of paintings of space girls.
I've always been fascinated by space. This is infinity, energy and emptiness.
Space keeps the secrets of our past and gives hope for the future.⠀
In space life begins and dies.
What does our life mean on a scale of the universe?

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