Birch tree sap

Human benefits or harm to the tree?
In Russia and the CIS countries there is a tradition. Every spring, April-May, people make a hole in the trees to drink juice. It's believed that this juice is useful, contains vitamins B6 and B12. This juice was especially popular in the USSR in the era of deficit.
For me, as for many Russians, birch sap is a memory from my childhood. My family and I gathered on the spring weekend, did a barbecue and our parents or grandparents collected birch sap.

But now, when I saw holes and cuts in the trees, I was upset.

It's strange, in the 21st century, poking a knife into a tree to drink juice.
I studied several articles on the Internet. It really hurts a tree, especially if it is young.

In addition, as it turned out, the juice can be collected from the stumps of felled trees. But people in my country continue to cut trees.

In my Instagram account, I made a vote in the Stories "What is birch sap for you? Is it a person's benefit or Harm to the tree?" Voices were divided approximately 50/50.
I'm not going to judge anyone. This is a personal choice of each.
All I can do is to draw people's attention to this issue, thanks to my art.

What do you think? Did you drink birch sap? Is it good for you or the pain of the earth?
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