Plaster home decor

Head vase "David and Venus"

Antique desk organizer
About a year ago, I started making antique plaster organizers. At that moment, my Pinterest account was filled with images of beautiful and functional interior items.

I started production with the head of David and Venus. My partner and I bought gypsum, plasticine, silicone, palette knives and started experimenting. It was difficult, there were a lot of mistakes. But we managed.) The business gradually grew and production was completely outsourced.

Now I am engaged in brand promotion and expanding the range. Plans to enter Russian and international marketplaces.

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Short video about pen holders
I really like what I'm doing now. At least because my workshop and apartment in which I live are decorated with beautiful interior items.
I like to use organizers as supports for pencils and brushes. In addition, they create a creative atmosphere. Some of my friends, artists use them to practice anatomical drawing.
pen holder male head phone holder buddha head vase
подставка для маркеров давид и венера
Also, my organizers can be used as a candle holder, vase for dried flowers and a flower pot.

Since my products are made of gypsum, and gypsum doesn't like water. Thats why I recommend my customers use a plastic container inside the ground or water.

You can view the assortment and purchase my products in my online store on Etsy

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