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Life Drawing

On my birthday, my friends gave me a certificate for a certificate life drawing class in Masterskaya Art.
Yesterday I visited life drawing class with Sergey Zinovkin in the Russian Art-school.
It was one of the gifts my friends gave me for my birthday. I myself have long looked at these classes, but for some reason I could not decide :)
I liked how the lesson was built.
First, Sergei told us a little theory of what to look for when drawing from nature. It is important to remember about anatomy.
Then the practical part began: we were given 5 minutes for quick sketches from life. Then 3 minutes.
Then the extreme began) It was necessary to have time to draw a model in 1 (ONE!) minute, after that she changed the pose.
After there was a short break and then we went back to drawing. The model changed 4 poses, but this time they gave us 15 minutes each.
After drawing for one minute, this task seemed simple - for ages :)))))

I liked this experience. You start to notice dimples on the body, you understand why there is a bend, you see the shadows, you learn to highlight the main thing.
I think I will go to the field class again. I'd like to repeat it!

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