My Artist Way

Looking back, I understand that I've always been a creative person.
During the regular cleaning before the New Year, I found my old photos.
And the first thing I understood: I've always been a creative person.
It seems to me that all of us in adult life lack the madness, energy, and creativity that we had in childhood.
Adults have very different problems: you need to create sources of income. And if you are also ambitious, you set a goal to earn a lot. So it was with me.
When I moved to Moscow at 23 years old, I first created one business, then another, a third, and so on.
I gave up doing dancing, deleted all videos from my channel on Youtube and fully concentrated on creating my own business.
I must begin with the fact that my mother beautifully draws. In my childhood I found her drawings in my mom's notebooks. Sometimes I pulled out the leaves and kept them for myself.
But I could never allow the thought that I could also draw.

My dad tried to invest in me completely different knowledge. In the first grade, he bought me math textbooks for the fifth grade. Instead of computer games, my dad installed Coral Draw and Photoshop on my laptop. Of course, I began to study vector graphics and photo editing.
As a child, it seemed to me that my father was strict with me. But now, I understand how much valuable knowledge he gave me. And most importantly, he instilled in me a love of work.

When I was 5 years old, they bought me a piano and I went to a music school for 6 years. If I had been learning another year, I would have received a diploma. But I could not. One of the vocal trainers didn't like my voice. At the speeches I was often put in distant rows and asked to just open my mouth, pretending that I was singing.
So-so motivation for creativity for the child :).
Or maybe it really is not my singing. Although I liked to play the piano, especially modern music.

We are with a friend in childhood.
I'm at the piano, Lena is sitting for the accordion :)
As a child I realized that copying vases and plates would lead nowhere. Need to create new! To be creative! And do not be afraid to make mistakes.
it inspiresFor a while I even went to art school. But after a couple of months of drawing the jugs with a pencil, I could not stand it and quit the case.

At the university, I decided to go in for sports ballroom dancing (samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha) and all 5 years we performed at student concerts.

When I moved to Moscow, I was the cheerleader of Spartak football club.
I really enjoyed dancing at football matches: full stadiums, the air is just incredible energy! Before the goosebumps!
I realized that I like being on stage, I like the attention of people. It inspires!
Then I had two YouTube channels on topics: humor and cooking.
I was cooking just incredible desserts.
But it turned out to be too harmful for my fad figure :)

I did 90% of the visual content in my online store of swimwear, including flyers, banners and photos.

In 2017, I decided to become a designer and start producing swimsuits myself. If with the creative part I did it all, then with the production I had callaps!
Many years have passed (to be exact, as many as 27 years!) Before I allowed myself to really engage in creative work.
Before that, it seemed to me that "It's too late to start," "Who am I to draw?" "Who will like my drawings?", "I have no talent."
It was scary to take a brush in hand, and the thought of making a post with my painting introduced me to a faint state.

For more than 5 months I worked on myself, studied psychology, learned myself, worked with my old offenses and convictions.
The book Julia Cameron's "The Artist Way" helped me.
The daily practice of "morning pages" and weekly visits to museums - that I can recommend to every person!

My first painting
At 27, I painted my first painting. It should be added that I also paint oil for the first time.

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