My september 2019

Pencil cup David and Venera. Exhibition ArtLife.

and 5 new paintings
I recently finished reading Salvador Dali's book "the Diary of a Genius" and thought why I should not start my own public diary. :)
Therefore, I will try to take it as a habit to share the highlights of the month.

September can be called the month of the launch of our new project "Decor for creative people" - Etsy
My husband and I started making pencil cup in the shape of the head of David and Venus.
The result was an amazing product that quickly gained popularity among artists.

At the end of September the ArtLife exhibition was held in Moscow. I was at this event last year and this one. For me, this is an acquaintance with new artists, their techniques, their promotion methods.
You can watch the video from the exhibition in my TikTok
TikTok is by the way my new discovery, I'm actively developing my account there and have already managed to win a set of cosmetics there.
If you are not already on TikTok, rather register and subscribe to me, my nickname is there @poliakova.ani :)
September was not without my creativity. In the summer I had a big break in drawing, I caught something like a creative crisis. And this picture helped me to get out of it.
I didn't control myself at all, I just splashed paint and wrote "You can"...
You really can achieve what you want and overcome any difficulties. Just give yourself time and don't go astray.
It was a magical 40 minutes, after which I felt happiness.

After that, I painted 4 more small paintings with space girls.
Of the September mini-events, these are:
- the fact that I moved from my workshop from the balcony to the kitchen. The cold came :)
- went to a concert of music of the Sicilian mafia. It plunged me into the memories of my wedding in Sicily.
- and also I finally registered with artfinder

See you soon! )

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