Office desk accessory and organizer

Antique pen holder

Handmade home decor
For a very long time I was looking for beautiful holders for pencils and brushes.
I couldn't find the holders I needed and decided to make them myself. So the heads of David and Venus appeared.

When I published them on instagram, my friends asked where they could buy it.
So I decided to create them for sale.

This is handmade, gypsum and acrylic.

You can order it on Etsy.

How can it be used?
↠ Desk organizer;
↠ Brush and pencil cup;
↠ Candle holder;
↠ Kitchen holder;
↠ Pot for dried flowers.
* Name: Venera
* Painter: Poliakova Anna
* Size: 15х15х15 cm
* Original handmade Acrylic on gypsum
* Style: Antique
* Express shipping 10 days worldwide
* 30 Days full money refund accepted

I really like how the holders look in the interior!

If you want to purchase the same, write me an e-mail
or place an order through my store on Etsy.

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